Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Cupcake Conference

View from the 23rd floor of the Grand America

I don't attend near enough food blogging events - and I really want to change that. Especially after attending the first Cupcake Conference held at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City. Apparantly, I'm lucky I even heard about it, because it all started on Twitter. And I don't tweet. I know, I'm behind the times! (I keep telling myself it's because it's just another addiction I don't need right now!) But luckily, I did hear about the conference just hours before registration opened up. But then I got busy, and forgot about it. The next morning, I got on to register, and it was sold out! I immediately put my name on the wait list and was happy that a ticket opened up for me.

Frosting waiting to be used for decoration

The Cupcake Conference was held on a Saturday night at the Grand America Hotel. This hotel holds a special place in my heart because it is where my husband and I stayed after we got married. It is a gorgeous hotel, and if you are ever in Salt Lake, it would be a real treat to stay there.

For the conference, we were sent up to the 23rd floor and an amazing view. The room was full of women (and a few men) all excited about cupcakes - you can't get better than that!

The Grand America's pastry chef - Fernanda Dutra

We were all led down to the ground floor and directed to the pastry kitchen at the Grand America. Their main pastry chef - Fernanda Dutra - was there to tell us a little about the kitchen and to answer any questions that we had. It was interesting for me to learn that most hotels do not do their baking in house, but they hire it out. At the Grand America, everything is made from scratch in their pastry kitchen. Fernanda said that her job is hard with long hours, but she couldn't imagine doing anything that she would love more.

Becky from Vintage Mixer - Cupcake decorating fun

Then we all had a chance to decorate a cupcake for prizes. I'm not the best decorator, so of course I didn't win, but it was fun to see how creative and inventive some of these girls were!

The cupcake on the right won one of the prizes. Fun cupcake!!

A sampling of the decorated cupcakes

After the cupcake decorating, we headed back up to the 23rd floor where we got to socialize. I was so happy to see a few other food bloggers that I have met before, but to also meet some new ones.

Cupcakes decorated by the Grand America kitchen

There were also tons of raffle prizes, and I'm so glad that I walked away with a gift certificate for a dozen cupcakes from a local bakery, plus class passes for a local gourmet cupcake class. I can't wait to go to that one!!

It was a fantastic night - a night filled with cupcakes is bound to be a good one!! Thanks to all of the ladies who put this event together!


  1. What a fun 1st blogging event to attend!

  2. Oh I love this post! I'll put a link on on twitter so everyone will come read it! :)

  3. Isn't it so much fun to go to foodie events like this? I love meeting people who are just as passionate about food. The cupcakes look great!

  4. I am so pleased you heard about and were able to attend the event. And even more that you had a great time. I invite you to share your photos and post... details on Cupcake Conference's blog http://bit.ly/a2o3c8

  5. What kind of frosting is that? It looks so smooth and shiny?

  6. Deborah! I'm so happy you came to Cupcake Conference and that you had a good. Time.

    Great recap post. You won the certificate to Vintage or Minis? Shoot I can't remember.

    Also, so happy to see this new section. How fun!

  7. okay, have no idea why i punctuated that first sentence weirdly.


  8. Anonymous - It was a buttercream frosting - I think more of an Italian buttercream since she said that it was made with egg whites.

  9. What a lovely conference...I wish I could have attended. I just started on Twitter, and I am confused and a bit distracted, so don't feel bad about not being on board!

  10. it was fun chatting with you that night! i'm glad we were window buddies, and that you won stuff! let's visit soon, especially since we're so close.

  11. It was such a fun night! Fernanda makes such pretty cupcakes!

  12. Oh how I wish I'd known about this! As you know, I love all things cupcake!!! How fun! :-)

  13. Oh, fun! I wish Orlando would get on the map with all this fun foodie stuff.

  14. oh you were there too?! Man, I wish I would have had time to get around and say hi to everyone! Loved your post and pictures. now I want a cupcake :)